Updating Google AdWords Editor Before July 1 2015 is Critical

PPC campaign managers must upgrade to AdWords Editor 11.1 by July 1, 2015 to ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, warns Google. Hill Web Creations, a Minneapolis Marketer, comments on the update and offers insights on the best new features of Google Adwords Editor 11.1.

Google AdWords warned on June 12th warns: "Starting June 30th, 2015, AdWords Editor Versions 10.6 and older will no longer be supported. To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, PPC campaign managers will need to upgrade to version 11.1 before June 30th, 2015.

"There are several advantages for those who quickly get used to the new interface," says Jeannie Hill, owner of Hill Web Creations. "Even without the advantages gained by upgrading now, a disruption to using the AdWords Editor is a significant disadvantage if waiting."

The official warning states, "To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, you will need to upgrade to version 11.1 before June 30th, 2015".

6 Top New Features in Google Adwords Editor 11.2 that Hill Web Creations Prefers

1. Google AdWords Upgraded URLs

AdWords announced Upgraded URLs to assist in managing URLs and tracking parameters an easier way. This will mean a reduction in how often Google will crawl a website, and provide ability to add new ValueTrack and custom tracking parameters. An AdWords manager can now upgrade destination URLs using the latest version of AdWords Editor.

  • Previous Method: Landing Page URL + Tracking Parameters = Destination URL
  • New Method: Landing Page URL = Final URL or Tracking Parameters = Tracking Template

2. Google Adwords Editor 11.1 Enables Managing Labels at Scale

AdWords managers have tremendous advantages they can leverage with the new inclusion of labels as a new feature in the Google AdWords Editor 11.1. Labels that have been generated in the AdWords interface for keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns now show up for key insights when re-structuring elements in a Google AdWords campaign.
A Google AdWords post on June 12th warns: "Starting June 30th, 2015, AdWords Editor Versions 10.6 and older will no longer be supported. To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, you will need to upgrade to version 11.1 before June 30th, 2015".

3. Call-Only Ad Support

A number of Google AdWords Managers found it challenging when the Call-Only Ads feature was initialized that without bulk support for them in Editor. Since the update to Google AdWords Editor 11.1 the problem is remedied. One is now able to move call-only ads between accounts and various campaigns, edit individual elements like the verification URL, or an Ad's displayed phone number. My favorite is the ability to upload multiple call-only ads in bulk.

Now it is easy to create labels in bulk using AdWords Editor; this option works through the shared library in Google AdWords Editor. For individuals with sufficient expertise in Excel, use the follow format for labels: Label, Color, Description, Status and Comment. Now it is simple to add them to the shared library.

4. More Granular Views with Advanced Filtering Option

Google Adwords Editor offered the improved search option in the original Editor 11 version, and now the newly added filtering option is available. Users can check filters in the tree view and the type list panel. Navigating through an Adwords campaign is less demanding and makes a quick task of locating specific elements when working in the Adwords Editor. To find specific items such as negative keywords or site linking structure, just create a custom filter that will only display the element(s) desired to examine at any given time.

5. Greater Reach with Ads in Mobile Apps

When a business displays ads in mobile apps they can reach the burgeoning number of individuals using mobile devices for searches, playing games, listen to music, and for entertainment. Under "Keywords and targeting," managers can now choose to show ads for specific categories of apps, including a particular app (or placement) and mobile app groupings.

6. Cross-account AdWords Campaign Management

For Marketers who managing more than one account simultaneously, the new features released in June 2015 are ready for use, and simplify the time it takes to implement changes across multiple accounts. With this update, managers have improved control managing cross-account campaigns, using top-level analytics tools and improvements in overall account controls. One no longer needs to toggle back and forth while seeking ideas to streamline campaigns.

Jeff Sauer of an on-line PPC Course, says, "How well an individual utilizes the Google AdWords Editor often defines someone's overall PPC success."

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